Release day is over. Her Hot Number went out into the world today, and boy, was it exciting! So much to do, and so much to tweet about.

A big thank you to the wonderful women at Imperfect Women who invited me over to do a guest blog for them today. My post is called ‘Being Smart Has Never Been So Sexy’, and in it I talked about smart women in literature helping to break down that pesky glass ceiling and empowering women to do whatever they want! If you want to check it out, click here.

kitties_sleepingAnother big thank you has to go to all the lovely readers who have posted reviews of Her Hot Number, and especially to my author buddies who supported me with the release and kept me (relatively) sane.

Although today was a great day for me, not everyone in the house was as excited as I was. In fact, two members of my household managed to not only sleep through my entire book release, but also made working with my mouse a lot more challenging. I thought this photo of the two lazy kitties who slept on my desk all day would make the perfect contrast to the crazy cat pic I posted last time. 🙂

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