How To Pleasure A PlayboyLacey needs to save the Baxter apartment building…

Lacey’s lived in The Baxter all her life. Now the building’s falling to bits around her, because its asshole playboy owner won’t spend a cent on repairs.

Good thing she’s got a plan to force his hand, and thousands of Twitter followers on her side. If there’s one thing her activist father taught her, it’s to never give in easy.

Bronson needs to pull The Baxter down…

Playboy Bronson has a bad reputation, and that’s just the way he likes it.

To tempt his missing brother to come home, Bronson needs The Baxter gone. Lacey’s the only one standing in his way. And the fact she’s sending blow-by-blow tweets of their battle? He’ll fight back with some provocative tweets of his own.

Their bet will decide who’ll win…

They’ve made a very-public wager, so now everything’s riding on whether rich playboy Bronson can survive a week living with Lacey in her run-down apartment.

But with them both willing to play dirty to get what they want, the Baxter Games are guaranteed to heat up fast. They’ll be living in close quarters, driving each other crazy. If only sleeping with the enemy wasn’t such a terrible idea.

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How To Pleasure A Playboy

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