Her Hot Number by Talia Hunter - Romance that's fresh and funAfter months of waiting, release day seems to have suddenly rushed up on me! Feelings of excitement and trepidation have been building as the big day approaches.

Reviews bring the most conflicting emotions. The first thing I do when I’m considering which book to buy is check the reviews of the ones that catch my eye, so the more good reviews a book gets the better – and a very big thank you to everyone who’s been kind enough to review Her Hot Number on Goodreads before release day. But I must confess that when it’s your own book, reading reviews is super scary. Each time I log in to Goodreads, I hold my breath, cross fingers and toes, and pray for good reviews!

Barely hanging onto sanity
Of course on release day it’ll be my Amazon reviews that I’ll be watching obsessively. I’m stocking up on wine and junk food for the big day to help calm my nerves, but even so, I’m sure I’ll pretty much look like crazy cat. –>

Wish me luck!

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