The Lantana Island Series

Boss With Benefits

The only thing wrong with paradise? Him.

Escaping a painful past, Rosa is thrilled with her new job running the beautiful Lantana Island Resort.

There's only one fly in her tropical cocktail: her gorgeous new boss, Dalton. He might be hot, but he's also arrogant, infuriating, and has plans to sell the resort.

Not if Rosa has anything to do with it. 

This. Is. War.

The Devil She Knew

Getting trapped with her enemy is no vacation.

Nate-the-brainiac has always made Suzie feel stupid.

So what if he's a successful squillionaire and hot-damn gorgeous? He’s the last person she wants to get stuck on a yacht with.

Especially not in the most romantic place on Earth.

And the way Nate's acting, you’d think Suzie was the one who ruined his life, not the other way around. 

Maybe she's no genius, but she knows one thing for sure. She's definitely not dumb enough to fall for him.

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The Rich List Series

How To Rock A Billionaire

Now available in the Billionaire Ever After box set!

Three nights together. Two thousand dollars. One chance to fall in love.

Jackson Brent knows the numbers. There are nine hundred people in the world who are richer than he is. Fourteen days before his critical new product launch. And one woman he can’t forget.

When the tech billionaire collides with his teenaged crush, he sees his chance to possess the woman he wanted years ago. Offering her a job as his date for an important conference, he sets the boundaries with a contract forcing the wild rock chick to play by his rules.

Meghan Paige has plans of her own. Running from a bad relationship, all she has left is a beaten-up guitar and battered dreams of stardom. She desperately needs the money Jackson offers, but besides singing, there’s one other thing she’s good at — rule breaking.

“Jackson thinks he can use his fortune to control me? Buckle up, Billionaire, I’m about to rock your world.”

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How To Master A Millionaire

What would a shy girl do if she had to pretend to be dominatrix for a week?

Max has landed a big movie role playing a submissive. Only this hot alpha male loves calling the shots.​

The solution? He hires a dominatrix so he can practise taking orders. But he has no idea the woman he’s employed isn’t really a dominatrix.

Ally is a broke blogger who needs a juicy story to rescue her sister from financial disaster. She’ll have to dish the dirt on Max to save the person she loves most.​

Self confidence problem? Too bad. Shy girl Ally needs to figure out how to boss Max into submission, though she’s clueless about anything kinky.​

And with Ally’s betrayal about to destroy Max’s career, they’d better not fall in love...

How To Boss A Billionaire

Geena will do anything to save her business. Even bid the last of her money to pay for advice from a straight-edged billionaire asshole.

But she doesn’t have to like him. She just has to convince him to let her be his boss for a week. Though he won't be happy when he finds out her business is a sex store.

Damien took part in the charity auction to improve his terrible image. He's horrified when he's won by a pink-haired sex store owner. 

His new boss-for-a-week might smell like candy, but there’s no way he’ll have a taste. He’s about to find out that fixing up an adult toy store can’t be all fun and games.

You'll love this sexy and funny enemies-to-lovers story!

How To Pleasure A Playboy

Blogger Lacey Gibson is officially fed up with her playboy landlord. (Actually, he’s her playboy slumlord). Everything about her place in The Baxter apartment building is a mess. The roof leaks and the floor is rotting, but Branson Reyne refuses to fix a thing.

Her solution? Use Twitter to goad him into a winner-takes-all bet.

Bronson Reyne’s determined to pull the Baxter down, and he’ll do what it takes to get Lacey to move out. That includes taking her bet and moving into her place, no matter how bad it is. He’s a playboy who likes his bad reputation, but there’s no way he’s pampered. Besides, living with Lovely Lacey for a week won’t exactly be tough.

Well, it shouldn’t be…

Now they’re living in close quarters, driving each other crazy. Both playing dirty to get what they want. While the building collapses around them, their attraction explodes. But this game has only one rule. No sleeping with the enemy.

How To Seduce A CEO

She needs the job the CEO won't give her. He's fighting for his future. When ambition turns to passion, who'll come out on top?

Hot shot CEO Marcus Bolton’s decided who to hire for the top job, and it’s not Angel Moore, no matter how tempting she might be.

Problem is, he's set on hiring her boss who's a sexist jerk, and Angel’s suffered enough. It’s time for her to turn the tables on her boss, and make Marcus realize the office underdog might just be the right person to put in charge.

Marcus Bolton is fighting to keep his job, and can’t give Angel what she wants. But he can’t resist taking everything she offers, and when their passion explodes it changes everything. Will they lose their careers… or their hearts?