Boss With Benefits
Wealthy and successful, Dalton runs his life like he runs his business – fast-paced and high-pressured. So being forced to put everything on hold to run his family's tropical resort is his worst nightmare. The resort is filled with bad memories, and Lantana Island’s slow pace leaves him way too much time to dwell on the past.
Then the new resort manager arrives and island life becomes a hell of a lot more interesting. A fling with the sexy newcomer would be the ideal distraction until he can leave Lantana behind forever.
Rosa's run halfway across the world to escape a scary stalker. She's landed the perfect job managing a gorgeous resort, and the island's idyllic charm is exactly what she needs to ease her frazzled nerves.
What she doesn't need is for the resort's owner - her new boss - to tempt her into trouble. Dalton's gorgeous, but he's chaos on two legs and Rosa’s had enough of that to last her a lifetime.

So no matter how tempting his offer of some no-strings-attached fun, she definitely won't let herself say, "Yes. Oh, God. Yes..."

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How To Pleasure A Playboy
How To Pleasure A Playboy

Blogger Lacey Gibson is officially fed up with her playboy landlord. (Actually, he's her playboy slumlord.) Everything about her place at The Baxter apartment building is a mess. The roof leaks and the floor is rotting, but Branson Reyne refuses to fix a thing.

Her solution? Use Twitter to goad him into a winner-takes-all bet.

Bronson Reyne's determined to pull the Baxter down, and he'll do what it takes to get Lacey to move out. That includes taking her bet and moving into her place, no matter how bad it is. He's a playboy who likes his bad reputation, but there's no way he's pampered. Besides, living with Lovely Lacey for a week won't exactly be tough.

Well, it shouldn't be...

Now they're living in close quarters, driving each other crazy. Both playing dirty to get what they want. While the building collapses around them, their attraction explodes. But this game has only one rule. No sleeping with the enemy.

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